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What is a Design Synonym?

A design is a preliminary sketch or plan of something that will be executed or constructed. It is also the arrangement of formal elements in a work of art.

If you use the word “design” over and over again on your resume, recruiters might gloss over it. Replace it with a stronger synonym to make your skills and accomplishments more memorable.


The word design is often used to describe a plan or sketch that details what something will do and how it will look. It can also refer to the organization or structure of formal elements in a work of art. Other synonyms for design include plot, project, scheme, and idea. The differences between these synonyms lie in the degree to which they emphasize particular patterns and achieved order.

To design is to plan and fashion artistically or skillfully, especially the form and structure of something intended for a definite purpose. In this sense, it can also mean to formulate a scheme or intrigue.


A design is a blueprint that shows what something is going to look and how it will work. For example, the engineers who are building a bridge might create a design of the bridge so they know what it should look like and how much weight it can hold.

The word design can also be used to describe a plan, scheme, idea, concept, or layout. These synonyms place different emphasis on the various aspects of a design, but they all refer to some sort of arrangement of elements. The term design can also be a verb, meaning to intend something for a purpose.


The word “design” has many synonyms, including plan, blueprint, scheme, idea, and concept. Each of these words emphasizes a different aspect of the design process. For example, a scheme may focus on the structural or organizational aspects of a design, while a blueprint is more focused on technical details.

Scheme can also refer to a plan of action, especially one motivated by craftiness and self-interest. For example, a person might formulate a scheme to rob someone.

A scheme can also refer to a group of colors, such as an analogous or tetradic color scheme. Analogous color schemes are groups of colors that are side-by-side on the color wheel.


The design of something refers to the plans created for how it will be made or what it will look like when finished. While plan, blueprint, scheme, idea, and concept are all synonyms of design, they each emphasize a different aspect of the process. A plan is more structural in its focus, while a blueprint and scheme are more technical in nature. An idea is broader in scope than any of these, while a layout refers specifically to the arrangement of elements in a design.

This ruled notebook features a classic marble pattern design on the thick cover. Includes 100 sheets with wide ruled lines.


Concept is a synonym for design that can be used in many different contexts. It can refer to the process of creating something that will eventually be made, as well as the actual plan or sketch that is created. Other synonyms for design include scheme, blueprint, idea, and layout. Each of these synonyms focuses on a slightly different aspect of the creation process.

The idea or concept of a design is what the designer intends the finished product will be. This can be a particular way it looks or what the purpose of the project is. For example, a hat may be designed to be worn on the head or a lawnmower might be designed to cut grass.


The layout of a website is one of the most important aspects of designing it. It needs to be visually appealing and easy to navigate. It also needs to be SEO friendly so that it can rank higher on search engines.

The word “layout” can be used to describe a variety of things, including the arrangement of text or pictures on a page. It can also refer to a plan, blueprint, scheme, or idea. These synonyms all highlight different aspects of the design process, but they all focus on the overall organization and structure of something. The best thing to do is to use the most appropriate word for the context.

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